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Latest Version: 2.80, Build 630 (18.10.2018) LATEST
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
User Rating:

1. App may works shaky on Xiaomi apparatus according to MIUI firmware.
2. Program Doesn’t Have built-in music library also utilizes outdated school playlist-based strategy to music playback

An access to call Is Needed to pause / resume playback following telephone if activities on sound attention change are disabled

• CUE Sheet service
• Balance control
• Volume normalization according to ReplayGain
• Topics: built-in light and dark version of this Bliss epidermis
• Themes: assistance for custom topics
• Bookmarks
• User defined Outlook queue
• Automated detection of tags Tracking
• Album Arts assistance (from tags / out of file / from the Web )
• Numerous playlists
• Smart-playlists predicated on folders
• Internet radio
• A ability to cross-fade monitors
• A ability to mix multi-channels sound files to stereo
• A ability to enroll playing track as ringtone from participant
• A ability to replicate playlist / monitor / playback with no replicating
• A ability to play audio from File Managers
• A ability to control playback in telling area (such as Android v3.0 and broader )
• A ability to control playback through Headset
• A ability to change the paths via volume switches (optional)
• A ability to share sound files
• A ability to group documents by template
• A ability to sort documents by template / manually
• A ability to search records in filtering mode
• A ability to delete documents
• A ability to load files from folder
• An capability to quickly incorporate all songs from all SD-cards
• A ability to play files in the File Manager software
• Integration with regular lock display (such as Android v4.0 and broader )
• Widget for your own lock display (such as Android v4.2 and broader )

Download AIMP for Android

What's new in this version:

- BASS libraries were updated

- Fixed: playlist - sorting mode resets to none on refreshing playlist content via the "swipe-to-refresh" gesture (regression)

- Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports


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