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Flash Player is a powerful client runtime chosen by over 1 billion people. It has become a worldwide Web standard because of its sharp performance and expressiveness combined in one lightweight software.
It is increasingly common software platform formerly known as Macromedia or Shockwave Flash. Widely used to create Smooth animations, detailed designs, advanced video graphics or sophisticated app interfaces. Adobe Flash Player is also a multipurpose tool to design browser games, mobile and desktop applications.

Adobe Flash Player is a ubiquitous all-featured application compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones and tablets, browsers as well as various operating systems.

Powerful but light
Experiment with graphics incorporating vector or text graphics without the fear to run out of disc space. Advanced technologies allow compressing file size if it is needed while multi-threaded decoding boosts up the total decoding time in addition to providing low bandwidth video with the superior picture.
Flash player provides diversity and flexibility where multimedia playing is concerned supporting over 10 different audio, video and data formats, deploying immediately and delivering an active feedback even while your CPU is loaded.

Enhanced and versatile
Enjoy fancy graphics and interactivity with improved bitmap control utilizing advanced bitmap caching, asynchronous decoding together with high-resolution support.
Experience stunning, real-time effects with various filters used including Bevel/Gradient Bevel, Glow/Gradient Glow, DropShadow and many others.
Flash Player can take you effortlessly into a vibrant Web universe and make your activity safe and secure with protected HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming) updated regularly whether manually or automatically.

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What's new in this version:

Key features also include:
- Enhanced GPU rendering. Webcam support for StageVideo. Integrated ByteArray assistance. Integrated ByteArray assistance. Accelerated text rendering technology. ActionScript workers allowing to offload tasks. Availability of industry-standard codecs (AAC and H.264). Accelerated mouse controls for games running on Flash Player. Full-screen mode engaging video and diverse interactive elements. The use of the LZMA compression algorithm for compressing SWF files. Efficient video content delivery across different CND configurations and numerous networks



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