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Critical set of resources to quickly build, optimize, and send your games into various devices and platforms. These are utilized by over 3 million programmers around the world.
A strong collection of frameworks, libraries, native extensions that have been created by Adobe in addition to the neighborhood. Use these to quickly develop your matches and improve them to supply a fantastic user experience.
Flash Player forces countless games that run on over a thousand desktops. In the same way, Adobe AIR is used by 50,000+ special games running almost a thousand iOS and Android established apparatus.

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Download Adobe AIR for Windows


What's new in this version:

- Produce high-definition, more reactive games and content with ActionScript® employees and shared ByteArray support. Share memory and also leverage system tools by offloading activities to desktop employees that run simultaneously (AIR desktop programs just ).

Completely free collections of indigenous libraries are offered via the Adobe Game Developer Tools to empower programmers.

HD-quality movie
- Utilize GPU hardware marketing and chipsets which scale over all platforms to supply best-in-class video functionality.High-quality support provides viewers with enhanced and also flexible bitrate video streaming in addition to a comprehensive feature set. Support for streaming criteria like HDS, RTMP, and also innovative video enables video content to be sent effectively and flexibly across different network and CDN settings.

Content security
- Deliver secure premium movie content utilizing Adobe accessibility , that supports a vast array of enterprise models, such as video on demand, live broadcasting, HD lease, subscription, along with digital sell-through.

Improved rendering
- Research a new design for high performance 2D/3D GPU hardware accelerated graphics manufacturing by Adobe, that offers non invasive Stage3D APIs for innovative producing in programs.



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