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 -  Freeware
Latest Version: 1.93 LATEST
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 1.91

It’s a great pick for people who should play with substantial document lists and likewise a superb choice to other popular music players.

1by1 Inspection
Installation : Download the program pick the installation place and that is it. Additionally, as a result of its dimensions (current variant has 185 KB) this app can also be completely mobile.
The best way to utilize : I could barely imagine a Windows user without wanting at least a popular music player like Winamp. Therefore, I really don’t believe somebody wants directions about the best way best to apply this sound player. Simply download, extract/install the app, open your music and here you can, you need to listen to music together with 1by1 player. The obvious step is to research all alternatives which you may be interested.

Customization: What is instinctive and you ought to be able to become acquainted with the choices quickly. As an example, my sole”whine” was associated with this menu bar. I’ve discovered those buttons too little for my bad eyes. Fortunately, I managed to change this, thanks to this writer directions and because I mentioned this, here is the way to get it done:

1. Proceed to 1by1 official site and scroll the page down until you Find that this text”1by1 extras”
2. Click “Toolbar button picture collections”, download which record file and follow the directions in the text bellow
3. Pick one of these documents and reach on the”Restart 1by1″ button and then it is – the ideal menu with big buttons which I (we desired ).

Conclusion: ” I truly don’t feel you could come across a similar sound player at this dimension (below 200 KB) that is wonderful. I’ve utilized before foobar2000 along with Boom gamers but nonetheless, when you take a close look at the dimensions of 1by1 that is still 10-15 times bigger compared to every other comparable instrument. At length, like most consumers, that I use such an instrument to load an whole list not only 1 song and the app is working amazingly well. I’ve only good words to this outstanding participant in order to prefer it, please contribute to the writer.

Download 1by1 for Windows


1by1 for Android

  • 1by1 for Android

What's new in this version:

- Directory Player: straight plays with your own folder contents

- Complete Resume play: recalls last track and place

- Gapless drama · Transition overlapping · Sound enhancer

- Folder tree file routing · Directory socket (play with a Complete drive)

- Document utils: copy, transfer, rename while perform, deletedate switch

- Significant title screen · Rename instrument · Folder Compare instrument

- Winamp 2.x input support · WAV export

- Track logging · HTTP net and streaming server

- Highly configurable · Theme presets · International hotkeys

- Very Compact dimension · Low resource use · Mobile

  • 1.91

    Simple fast play, 3 levels (Options menu) - Better volume control curve - Restoring list problems fixed - Some corrections and adaptions


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