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Latest Version: 1.2.5
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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Old Versions: 1.2.4

MP3Gain is a handy program for those who want to set the same volume level for all mp3 files. In other words, MP3Gain increases the volume of mp3 files. If the mp3 volume is not enough even at the maximum volume use MP3Gain to increase the volume! MP3Gain doesn’t work like regular volume program, it analyzes the real volume of a music file and correlates it with the human ear audibility, and the quality is not lost, as the program doesn’t decode the file. This program will help to increase the volume of music several times.
This computer program consists of two parts:
* base part (back-end) that performs actions on MP3 files
* optional part that is familiar to most users under Windows
MP3Gain only works with MP3 format, but if you want you can install the extension. You can increase the volume of music files and e-books and create super loud ringtones.

* Add Files/ Folder-add files or individual folders to the program;
* Track Analysis, analysis of tracks in order to identify their volume;
* Gain a Track handling tracks to align the volume in accordance with the parameter dB (Target Normal Volume).
The value of the parameters against each file.
* Level — current volume.
* Clipping-a bird Y in front of you indicates that there are noises in the background of the track at the current volume (whether you hear them or not depends on the severity of your hearing).
* Track-shows the difference in decibels between the current and user-defined volume setting.
* A check mark in the Clip (T) column indicates that background noise will remain after processing.
To keep these noises as low as possible, it is not recommended etting the volume too high or too low. The optimal value for the volume Norm parameter is approximately 85-95dB.
For a stronger increase in sound volume, act experimentally.
You can download MP3Gain from the official website of The developer (Glen Savier). On the download page you will find several versions of the program: the usual version to install on your computer, and portable (portable) versions that do not require installation. The interface of the application does not differ in different versions of the program.

Download MP3Gain for Windows


What's new in this version:

The features of this utility:
- Peak volume maximization function. Saves information in the transaction log. Option to cancel an action

  • 1.2.4


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